Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Past is that – Past!

We are constantly reminded of the way things used to be. It can be a church, a school, a job, our childhood, almost anything. History fills us with expectation. When our lives are positive we generally look at the past as the process that contributed to our current position. When things are not going so well, we often view the past with longing. We wish for a return to an easier and simpler time.
This habit of humanity is certainly not unique. It is a constant theme in the bible and nowhere is it more evident than in the Gospel. We see this when Christ reveals his imminent death to his disciples. There is no perception revealed by the disciples that this could lead to anything positive and as such they wish for things to remain as they have been, with Jesus teaching them and living in the community of Christ.
Little did they know that what they perceived as an impossible occurrence was all part of the salvation that God had planned and would soon be revealed. If they had been able to turn back time to a simpler, easier point in Christ’s ministry, the opportunity of complete forgiveness would have been forsaken.
Every period in our lives will bring with it joys & sorrows and the longing for a better time will certainly be part of our consciousness. We must continue to live with the faith that our God knows the path and when we are willing to allow the Spirit to lead, our challenges will reveal opportunities to rediscover it. Soon we will once again be living the life that we were simply made for, and doing so easily.

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