Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Liability or Life

When is Liability a liability? A recent event brought light upon an ever increasing viewpoint that litigation is a fearsome result of living and that right actions constantly fall into a category that can be swept under the dreaded rug of the law.
“No good deed goes unpunished!”
I have heard this throughout my lifetime and it has often been offered as humorous solace for actions that carried the intention of good but produced results of an unexpected nature. Is it appropriate for an adult to intervene in a physical dispute between two toddlers? How about two elementary school students? Middle School? High School? College? Co-workers? Criminals with guns?
I’m certain that the context will soften the stand of most responders but the truth remains that each person will have a level at which intervention will be considered a liability to personal well being.
Although difficult to ascertain, the ramifications of inaction reach far beyond the issue at hand. While inaction due to personal safety will certainly reach the top of the list, the importance of material possessions or status often seem to rank higher than service to a brother.
The story of the Good Samaritan comes to mind when I consider this issue. If the Samaritan concerns himself with possible litigation in the story, does he befriend the stranger that is beaten & robbed? What about the pouring of oils onto the man’s wounds, does anyone stop the man from bleeding? What about the Inn Keeper that is asked to assist this man? Since the Samaritan and his injured companion never show up, is his opportunity for compassion missed?
When we live our life in fear of retribution instead of the light of God’s Love we miss the opportunities that arise each day for Kindness, Compassion, Gratitude and Love. These are the qualities that bring heaven to our earth. The more we live in the Light of God’s Love, the longer we experience what Jesus considered when he said:

34Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Matthew 6:34 NIV

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